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Just when you thought beach fashion couldn’t possibly get any sexier… or skimpier… enter the sheer swimsuit! There’s really only 2 different reasons you might want to rock a see through swimsuit:

  1. You don’t want anything coming between you and those sun-tanning rays, OR,
  2. You really want to show off every detail you’ve got

Reason 1) Tan Through Swimwear

So, you want to maximize your tanning area and avoid tan lines as much as possible? Assuming you’re not on a nude beach and you’re somewhere where swimsuits are required, you’ll need a suit that provides a BIT of coverage at least, while giving you that fully transparent swimwear effect.

The Sexy Version

Completely transparent swimwear is possible I suppose, if you’re using a clear vinyl product, but that would be HOT in the sun! Totally impractical for tanning. If you’re going that route, try cellophane wrap… it’s cheaper! ?

Almost any type of fabric is going to stop the sun a bit. Even the most sheer bikini fabric will cast a small shadow on your skin. For most people looking for tan through swimsuits, however, they’re not worried about a little bit of shadow. It’s more about eliminating or minimizing tan lines.

The Functional Version

If you’re looking for a tan through bathing suit that is at least a bit more practical, there are lots of good options. Tan thru swimwear is basically like normal swimwear, but it’s much thinner and allows for the sun’s UV rays to penetrate through the layer of fabric to reach your skin underneath.

They do tend to be a bit more revealing, of course, as the thin fabric is naturally more sheer than other types of swim fabric. Particularly when the fabric is wet, you’ll find yourself in not just a tan through, but a see through swimsuit as well! But hey, chances are that nobody will complain. At least you aren’t rocking a clear bikini, like SOME people we know. ?

Tan thru swimsuits do work to soften your tan lines, but they’re not usually completely transparent and they don’t really offer the sex appeal of some of the other fabric choices.

This leads us to the second category of sheer swimwear users…

Reason 2) Sexy Sheer Swimsuits

Yeah, we know why you’re really here! You couldn’t care less about your tan lines. You’re an exhibitionist and you’re looking to maximize your sex appeal with completely transparent swimwear while still technically wearing something. It’s ok, we gotcha!

In that case, let’s talk about some of the options out there. Also, remember, you can always develop completely custom sheer swimwear designs right here with us at Prototype.

Sheer Mesh Swimwear

A mesh bikini allows for both tanning effect and the sex appeal that many are looking for. There can be panels placed for minimal coverage at the special bits and the rest can be pretty much open clear through. Mesh also gives the added advantage of being a bit edgier, with lots of stylish options available. Mesh is available in nearly limitless colors, mesh size, and other variables.

Using mesh, you can create a sheer swimsuit that is not only sexy but stylish as well. Mesh is a great option for swimwear fabrics.

Lace See Thru Swimwear

Similar to the mesh, types of stretch lace with an open pattern give you a great option for strutting your stuff, while also taking in some sun. Lace comes in a huge variety of styles, colors & motifs. It’s definitely a great option for a classy, but still super revealing swimsuit.

Clear Swimsuits

A completely clear swimsuit? That’s a tough thing to find. To pull off fully transparent swimwear you’d have to have a transparent plastic or rubber film, and bind the edges with the same. For it to be both flexible and strong, you’d need some pretty tough material. It could definitely work, but I haven’t seen it done properly.

Hire us and we’ll figure it out for you! ?

Wholesale or Private Label Sheer Swimwear

If you’re looking for a sheer swimwear supplier for private label or wholesale purchase, you’ve come to the right place. Transparent swimsuits are in high demand and Prototype has you covered! (Or, um, uncovered I guess you’d say? )

About the author 

Richard Gregory

Hi, I'm Richard, the founder and CEO of Prototype Global. More than anything else in this life, I love to help other people achieve their dreams. Working at Prototype offers me an amazing chance to positively impact so many people and brands. I hope you'll be one of them! ?

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