table of contents 1 All You Need to Know About Swimsuit Fabric Starting a Label? 2 Different Types of Swimsuit Fabrics Natural Fabrics Are natural fabrics good for swimwear? Polyester Swimsuit Fabric Blends Qualities of Polyester Swimwear Fabric Sustainability in Polyester Nylon Swimwear Fabric Blends Qualities of Nylon Swimwear Fabric Sustainability in Nylon Fabrics 3 [ read more…]

This is part 4 of the Fashion Startup Checklist. A series of 21 steps dedicated to helping you launch your fashion brand as smartly and efficiently as possible.  Now that you’ve brainstormed, proven your concept AND chosen a name, it’s time to double-check and make sure you’re on the right track. Why Evaluate Defensibility Maybe [ read more…]