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Prototype Global helps both SMB buyers and suppliers better compete in the fashion industry. When you join Prototype Global, you’ll tap into a truly worldwide network of buyers, each working directly through our client service team to ensure a smooth process with easy communication.

Prototype reduces friction for both buyer AND supplier

Richard Gregory // Founder

Differences in language, culture and professional systems are challenges that all suppliers face in working with international buyers. These differences cause friction that results in inefficiency and damage to the financial bottom line.

Here at Prototype, we understand these challenges and we have designed a system that eliminates the frustration and risk suppliers face when working directly with buyers.

The Prototype Advantage

Best in Class Service

Our system offers smooth & seamless communication between all parties

Single Point of Contact

We offer a single point of contact for ease of communication and efficiency.

Streamlined Documents

Your team only has to learn one document format. No need to learn a new system every time!

Complete Documentation... Every Time

Can you even imagine receiving a full package of documentation every time? In a format that makes sense? Now you can!

Fully Contracted

No need to renegotiate the contract each and every job. With Prototype, our contracts are standardized and fair to all parties.

Requirements for

Working With Prototype

Passion for Quality

MUST have a passion for high quality that shows in both your work and in your professional relationships

High Ethical Standards

MUST be devoted to high ethical standards, including quality working conditions, reasonable benefits, and fair pay


MUST be a safe and non-discriminatory environment for all, regardless of race, gender and sexual preference

Environmental Sustainability

MUST be committed to making efforts toward environmental sustainability in your company


MUST be willing to submit to regular inspections and to sign a commitment to the above principles

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