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Clothing Manufacturers

One of the most difficult challenges in the fashion industry is finding clothing manufacturers suitable for your specific needs. Here we'll discuss clothing manufacturing in general and share some tips for finding an apparel manufacturer that best fits your brand.

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Custom Clothing Manufacturers 

There are as many different types of clothing manufacturers in the world as there are different types of clothing. As a fashion brand looking for a new custom manufacturer, it can be a frustrating and bewildering process searching for the right fit.

It's an old industry, as old as time, and in many ways the clothing manufacturing industry lags way behind other industries. That's the reason it can be so frustrating. Much of the industry is not visible online, not reachable by email or even by phone in many cases. For an outsider, it's nearly impossible to penetrate the industry and figure out how it works. 

Here at Prototype, that is exactly our mission. Prototype re-imagines the age-old process of developing & manufacturing fashion products, taking the pain out of sourcing and developing new products. Our streamlined solutions help both buyers and suppliers better compete in the global marketplace.

Prototype is committed to a bold new standard in ethical manufacturing and high quality, sustainable production. Let's talk about two of the most common considerations for most brands searching for clothing manufacturers...

Domestic vs. Overseas Manufacturing

When manufacturing apparel, buyers were typically  concerned about just 2 things: quality and cost. Now, we have a 3rd piece just as important to today’s consumers: origin.

The Importance of Origin

For decades, most consumers have prioritized price above all other considerations when shopping. Fast fashion evolved custom clothing manufacturers to meet this intense demand for cheap, throwaway goods. Now, however, many consumers are reevaluating their shopping choices for the sake of the environment and for other moral & ethical reasons. At Prototype, we pay close attention to these changing trends and we offer a clear alternative to these unsustainable manufacturing methods.

Let’s be honest here. Why do so many companies manufacture apparel in China? Is it because we align with Chinese government values? Is it because of their stellar environmental record? Or is it because it’s just plain cheap? 

Easy answer... In most cases, it's the price. That’s the single biggest reason why most of the world is manufacturing is China. Even when Americans rage against Chinese politics and trade policy, we soothe our rattled nerves with a bunch of cheap gear from Walmart and have a drink from a Chinese-made glass bottle. Even when we celebrate Independence Day, we buy Chinese made flags, chairs, coolers, beer coozies…

You name it, it’s from China. But do consumers have a choice? Have the brands and apparel suppliers given the consumers a choice?

Sadly, in most cases, no.

Do consumers want a choice? Hell yes they do!

The people are asking for alternatives to China production. Politics are a powerful motivator in today’s world and many consumers are seeking to buy apparel products that are not made in China.

Regardless of whether it’s a political motivation or not, it’s simply good practice, for our earth and its people, to spread the wealth and the work as evenly as possible. Chinese clothing vendors are great in many ways: they’re generally reliable, quality is consistent and pricing is competitive. However, there are clothing manufacturers located all over the world. There’s no reason why we should be so focused on China.

Domestic vs. Overseas Manufacturing

Now, when it comes to considerations about choosing local clothing manufacturers vs an overseas clothing manufacturer, the considerations get a bit more complicated. Check out this great article, Why Manufacture in Indonesia? to learn more about our perspective on the topic. 

It's not just as simple as saying "local is better". In many cases, manufacturing locally can actually be less environmentally sustainable. It all depends on where the raw materials came from, how they were transported and if alternate materials were available. USA clothing manufacturers, for example, generally work with fabrics produced in China. So, in that case, the argument may have more to do with local jobs than environmental sustainability. 

There's no clear case to be made black or white on this topic. Each brand will have to make its own careful determination, weighing the factors of what the product is, the materials used, the intended market location and all the other various factors that go into creating the story of a brand.

All of which segue nicely into the next topic: Ethics & Sustainability 

Ethical & Sustainable Manufacturing

At Prototype, we are opening apparel manufacturing channels around the world. Our mission is to expand opportunities to small businesses in developing nations everywhere. 

The Importance of Ethics

These days there are a lot of fashion labels who care deeply about ethics and sustainability in their supply chain. And good on them!

All the attention has created a demand, and a financial incentive, for clothing manufacturers to provide higher levels of concern for the safety and health of their staff, as well as more environmentally-friendly options for the manufacturing process and supplies. 

Unfortunately, however, where there’s a financial incentive, there’s also a motivation to bend the rules, leading to a “greenwashing” effect where suppliers can easily just employ these labels to lead consumers to belief that they’re contributing to something great when in fact it’s just more of the same old thing.

At Prototype, we think about this question a lot. How can we, as a custom clothing manufacturer, support TRULY ethical production, while also avoiding the bullshit the industry uses to cover its tracks? Read more about our answer to this in our article about Certified Ethical Manufacturing.

In actual practice, ethics and sustainability are a complicated bunch of considerations. It's not enough to just slap a stick on something that says "IRL 5002 Certified". Those certifications are generally based on a bunch of bureaucracy and BS that only the largest companies have the budget to pay for. And the obvious fact is that the largest companies are almost never the gold standard of sustainability. In fact, small businesses far outcompete a corporation on nearly any measurable standard. 

So how do you, as a fashion brand, navigate this complex and confusing world of smoke and mirrors? Quite simply.... one careful step at a time. Build your brand thoughtfully and with positive intention. That's the only path that is guaranteed to work. 

The Birth Story of a Brand

Every brand, every product, has a birth story. 

This story is about the suppliers, the clothing manufacturers, the workers, and the conditions of the factory. It's your personal journey, your history, your values and your view of the world. The birth story of every product is a multi-layered, fascinating story if you dig in deep enough to hear it. A smart brand should be paying close attention to this.

So, why is the birth story so important? 

The “story” behind an apparel product and a brand is rapidly becoming a top, if not the top, consideration for consumers as they make the decision whether to buy a product. Fashion brands should be aware of this as they select clothing manufacturers for their products.

An apparel supplier that can assist with building a compelling brand story is difficult to find, but not impossible. In fact, you’ve already found one!

Here at Prototype, we work closely with our clients to ensure that our manufacturing processes and suppliers closely align with your brand’s values. We provide added value to your brand by weaving a compelling origin story story into the birth of your products.

The result is simple:

Products whose origin story aligns with the values of the brand sell better than traditional products.


Build YOUR Brand with Prototype.

Prototype is a full service fashion company, offering absolutely everything you need to design, develop and bring a product to market. 

Frequently, clients who are new to the fashion industry assume that apparel manufacturing is the start and endpoint for launching an apparel product.

It’s important to note, however, that manufacturing is just the last step in a series of actions that need to be taken to properly develop and prepare a product for sale to the public.

Generally, people will search first for clothing manufacturers or garment factory, before realizing that they’ve landed in the wrong place and they need to start over. 

That’s the beauty of Prototype. We can accommodate you no matter where you’re at in your process. There is no wrong starting point and there is no reason to lose valuable time repeating the same process over and over for different suppliers.

If your product is fully developed and requires no additional services before manufacturing…. Amazing! We would love to hear from you. But if you’re like most people, you probably need a few things worked out before you’re ready to drop the big bucks on a custom manufacturing order.

No matter where you're at in your process, we’re happy to have you. You’ll find that the Prototype Process is smoother and easier than anything else in the industry. You’ll have your products in your hands, ready to sell, with a minimum of time, energy and frustration.

All the Services I Needed to Build My Brand

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