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Private Label Clothing

Private label clothing is becoming a staple of the apparel industry, both online and in brick & mortar retail. Private label products are found in every type of product sold today, from food to clothing to consumer electronics. We're going to break down private labeling for you. We'll explain why private label products are a perfect solution for small and large businesses around the world. We'll also tell you about our company and why Prototype is a great choice for private label clothing manufacturing.

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Whether you’re an experienced fashion designer, an online marketer or an entrepreneur, Prototype can help you be successful launching your own private label fashion brand. Private label allows you to create and launch a fashion brand with a minimal upfront investment. 

If you’re new to the fashion industry, you’ll want to read on. This article contains some great information that will help you, regardless of exactly what type of brand you're creating.

If you’re a seasoned pro and you’re ready to move forward, you may want to skip this part and contact us straight away.

What is Private Label Clothing?

A private label product is a type of product that can be customized and/or labeled in various ways to make the product uniquely your own. It takes a lot of time, effort and expense to develop a custom product. The costs and time required to developing a private label product is greatly reduced as compared to a custom product. 

Many of the products you see on the market today being sold by major brands are actually private labeled. This means that the can of beans being sold by one major brand is often produced in the same factory as  the can of beans you'll see at an off-brand retailer. However, the recipe may be tweaked to better suit each retailer. 

Similarly, in fashion, a private label clothing product being sold by a major brand might be, and often is, coming off the same production line as a competitor, a small brand or even a discount retailer. However, this doesn't necessarily mean that the products are the same. They will typically have been customized in various ways to suit the specific requirements of the retailer.

Private label clothing manufacturers

The 4 Main Types of Fashion Products

best for established brands

Private Label Apparel

Private Label clothing is a little bit of both worlds. It starts with our White Label designs, but allows you to make edits to the designs substantial enough to make them truly unique to your brand.

Best for mixed retailers

Wholesale Apparel

Wholesale swimwear is the option of buying an established brand in bulk for the purpose of reselling them online or in a brick & mortar retail shop. For many retailers, this is standard practice and it has clear advantages. 

Best for startups & retailers

White Label Apparel

White Label Clothing is a perfect solution for many online marketers who are looking for unique, high-quality goods for easy sale online. White label saves you time and money.

best for designers & pros

Black Label Custom Apparel

Black Label Custom Swimwear is the only solution for fully custom swimwear, designed either by you or by us. This path may be a much bigger investment of course, but at the end of the process, you’ll have a product that nobody else has. 

A Selection of Private Label Clothing

#1 Ethical & Sustainable

private label clothing Manufacturer

Different Types Of

Private Label Clothing

Private Label Apparel

Private Label clothing is a perfect solution for many brands who are looking for unique, high quality goods for easy sale online. Private Label starts with our white label products and allows key points of customization that allow you to create your own truly unique designs, without the high cost of full custom development.

We don't sell the same stuff you find everywhere from Alibaba, made in China. We design and ethically manufacture every one of our pieces. Nothing made in China.

Private Label apparel from Prototype offers a quick and easy way to start selling your own custom designs.

Private Label Swimwear

Private Label swimwear is the perfect solution for a growing swimwear brand to add dimension to its product lineup. Private label apparel allows for the perfect combination between creative flexibility and practical efficiency. 

Prototype offers our clients the opportunity to customize our trending designs and proven classics. Mix and match tops and bottoms to create unique combinations to fit your brand. 

Private Label T Shirts

Private label T shirts are a perfect example of why private label clothing is a great fit for almost any fashion brand. T-shirts are deceptively simple, as any fashion designer will tell you. In spite of being "simple", tshirts are the ultimate test of any designer. The fit is so sensitive; every decision counts.

The benefit of private label t-shirts is that we have already perfected the fit and the size grading for many different styles of tshirt. Our white label tshirts work perfectly for most brands, but if your brand demands a little tweak of your own, our private label shirts are just the thing.

Private Label Hoodies

Private label offers the perfect solution for brands looking for customized hoodies. It all starts with our fantastic lineup of white label hoodies & sweaters. Then, if you need a custom hoodie, you  can choose from a variety of customization options, like sleeve length, hood size, body length, and of course fabric selection. 

Private label hoodies are the perfect solution for growing brands who demand unique styles and fits. Streetwear brands in particular will love our wide variety of custom hoodies.

Private Label Activewear

Private label activewear starts with our white label activewear. These high-quality, proven sellers are then customized by you to fit your brand. Having your own, customized activewear allows your brand to stand out from the competition. 

Private label clothing offers the best of both worlds: creativity and efficiency. Private labeling allows any brand to create customized activewear to perfectly fit their brand. 

Private Label Lingerie

Lingerie is difficult and expensive to develop when you're going the full-custom route. The materials, fits and finishes take a lot of time, energy and cash to get just right. That's what makes private label lingerie such a great fit for indie lingerie brands. We save you time and money by using our own white label designs as the base products. You can then create your own custom lingerie by changing some of the variables. 

With Prototype private label fashion, you'll never be late for your launch! 

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choose prototype as your private label clothing Manufacturer

Over the last few years, Bali has become a hotspot for swimsuit manufacturers.  Bikini enthusiasts arrive by the thousands every day and online influencers have put Bali on the map in a big way. Hundreds of new fashion labels put down roots in Bali every year. Many of them are startup swimwear labels. 

For labels seeking small MOQ swimwear manufacturers, that’s great news! That means that there is a wide variety of fabrics, components and manufacturers available in one place. In the past, Bali has had a reputation of being a great place to start a label, but not a great place for growing labels. That’s partly deserved, due to the small size of the island and a limited workforce. However, Prototype is changing that dynamic with advanced software, tools and training that allows our supply chain to offer the same high quality production at a large and small scale that would typically force clients to seek production in China. 

Bali is a great place to manufacture, but really, Indonesia is the real star here. There are lots of compelling reasons to manufacture clothing in Indonesia.  We ❤️ Indonesia!

Questions & Answers

How do private label products work?

When you private label a product you are buying the rights to resell a product that a manufacturer has developed. In most cases, the basic "building blocks" of the product can't be altered, such as the essential specs, patterns or dimensions. The features that you are able to change are controlled by the manufacturer. With private label clothing, for example, you might be to change the location of a pocket but not the size of the pocket itself.

What's the difference between a private label and a brand?

Private label is upstream of a "brand". Once the brand has selected the configuration of the product, and their own tags and labels are applied, it becomes the property of the brand. Then, it's on-sold direct-to-consumer or to a wholesaler. Very rarely is a private label item sold directly from the manufacturer to the end consumer.

What is an example of a private label brand?

Truthfully, private label is EVERYWHERE now. Most large retail chains, like H&M for example, sell private label clothing that was developed by a manufacturer. The designs are then proposed to the buyers. The buyers from the big retailers simply view the product catalog and make their selections with whatever brand-specific modifications they may require.

A very common example is in the supermarket. You'll often see a "house brand" food item next to the brand name item. The house label is typically cheaper and "compares to" the name brand. In Costco, for example, you'll see Kirkland Signature items on nearly every shelf. Those are private label goods that have been sourced from private label manufacturers.

Is private label profitable?

Private label products can be very profitable, yes. Particularly in the case where a company does not have the infrastructure to independently develop every product it sells, it makes sense to use private label designs to fill out your product offerings and provide you with more variety to sell. If you're able to mark up those products and make your cut without having to bear all the development costs, then private label is definitely a profitable option for any business.

Benefits of Private Label Clothing

Developing new fashion products is always a big decision. Consider the following if you're deciding whether or not private label apparel is a good fit for your brand. 

Private Label Advantages

  • The cost is considerably less than developing your own unique product
  • Saves a great deal of time vs. custom product development
  • Can be far more unique than a white label product

Private Label DISAdvantages

  • As compared with fully custom design, the customization options may limit your creativity to some degree
  • Private label products can take longer to produce than white label
  • Private label products will generally be more expensive than white label

What Can Be Customized With Private Label?

With private label clothing, you'll be able to make selections such as a choice of fabrics, prints, or even supplying your own print. You may also be able to make certain design decisions such as the type of collar, button or zipper selection, placement of pockets or other design features.

Private Label differs from White Label in that there is a wider selection of customization options. A good way to think about it is that white label products would typically be something that could be ready-made and simply have your branding applied and sent to you. With private labeling, however, all the products are made-to-order.

In fashion, private label products can often be customized in the following ways...

  • Choose from Wide Variety of Fabrics
  • Select from Available Colors or Custom Prints. Custom Dye Sometimes Available.
  • Select from Various Findings and Finish Options: Zippers, Buttons, etc.
  • Customize Key Measurements, Such as neck opening, Sleeve length, etc.
  • Select location of branding, logo and other print & embroidery options

 private label vs. white and black label

Private Label Clothing Process

Private label apparel is the perfect happy medium for many well-established fashion brands or startups that require a high level of uniqueness in their product lineup. It sits in between White Label and Black Label in terms of pricing, complexity and uniqueness of design. 

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Private Label moq Requirements

The trick with small MOQ private label clothing production is to get the quality where you want it. As opposed to couture fashion, low MOQ usually makes access to high quality more difficult. The reason for this is because most of the producers who are willing to work with low MOQ are very small companies. They have limited access to machines and equipment. They also generally don’t have any administrative staff that are dedicated to quality control, client communication and project management. All that administrative staff is expensive! But that’s also the very services you need most to ensure that your swim products are living up to the standard you’d like them to. 

Startup fashion brands are quality sensitive. They need top quality from the beginning to be sure that their customers’ first impressions of them are positive. Here at Prototype, we have a large team of professionals working with our clients everyday to help ensure a successful manufacturing process. When you choose Prototype as your private label clothing manufacturers, you can rest assured that the quality will be under control.

private label fabrics

Private Label fabrics and materials

The fabrics available for private label apparel varies by the type of item. But, generally speaking, private label styles allow you to choose from a selection of different fabrics. For example, a private label tshirt would offer several types of knit fabrics, such as 100% cotton, organic cotton, cotton/bamboo blend, cotton/polyester blend, etc. The great thing about private label fashion is the incredible amount of choice that you have and the control you have over the final result. 

It's more than just fabrics. Private labeling gives you control over other materials and findings, such as zippers, buttons, snaps, stitching colors, and more. The variety is just endless. 

private label clothing fabric choices

Private Label Colors and Prints

With most types of fabrics there are a wide variety of pre-dyed colors. The trends change quickly, so the availability of the colors changes quickly too. You’ll need to be sure during your design process that you account for these changes and either pre-purchase a large enough quantity of your chosen fabric or be flexible in your color selection when the time comes to manufacture. Also, you’ll need to keep this same thing in mind when you intend to reorder out of stock items. There’s a very good chance that your colors could be out of stock and not available again.

Fortunately, digital printing is an easy and relatively affordable option for certain types of fabrics. For digital printing you have 2 options: sublimation and direct-to-garment (DTG). DTG works with natural fabrics and fabrics like nylon, but the MOQ is very high. Sublimation printing, however, can be achieved at a very low MOQ. The quality is good and the color is permanent. The only catch is that it must be printed on polyester. We recommend at least 60% polyester in the fabric blend for permanent, effective color. The more poly, the better.

For artwork, like a print on a tshirt for example, there are several options, but the best is generally screen printing. Here at Prototype, we have our own screen printing department to produce custom printed private label clothing. Usually it's custom tshirts that get printed, but it doesn't have to be! ANYTHING can be printed and the options for colors and artwork are just totally unlimited. Let your imagination soar as you dream up new ways of bring prints into your private label designs. 

private label printing by Prototype

ethical Private Label Manufacturing

ethical manufacturing

Prototype is a global leader in ethical manufacturing. Our unique approach to the industry takes into account the needs of both buyer and supplier, providing a win for both sides. We particularly encourage and support small businesses, both brands and suppliers. At the end of the day, doing business ethically requires only a commitment to do the right thing. To provide for the best health and opportunities for businesses and their people. It's not hard to be ethical, but it does require commitment. Read more about our commitment to ethical private label manufacturing here.

Selecting a Private Label Clothing manufacturer

Finally, here’s some practical advice for a new fashion startup from a private label manufacturer’s perspective:

Be practical in your process. Be realistic about your goals for your label and your financial constraints. If you go in to the business thinking, "NO compromises!", then you may be in for a difficult experience.

When you’re just starting out, there will be some setbacks, detours and compromises. Everyone goes through them. Don’t let compromises become a sore spot. Plan them from the beginning. Be in control of your compromises. If something isn’t working, work together with your manufacture to find another solution. Manufacturers want to do the best they can for you, but you also have an obligation to help find a satisfactory outcome for both parties. Always keep in mind that once you’ve found a clothing manufacturer you like, try to develop a trusting relationship with them. Realize that you’re both on the same team. A successful outcome will be best for both of you!

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Private labeling helps you to put your own unique stamp on a product, making it uniquely your own, without the hassle and expense of developing your own fully custom product. However, you have to be careful about where you purchase your goods. Private label products can appear deceiving online. If you've been through the process elsewhere before, then you know how incredibly frustrating the process can be! 

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