Our Story

Prototype Our Story

In 2007, we were living in my hometown in Napa Valley, having just moved out of San Francisco. My wife, DesNeiges, was working on launching a swimwear line and we were struggling to make it work. The concept was great and the designs were well received, but there was just too big a gap between actually getting the products we needed and being in a position to sell them.

We had no idea where to start. But we knew that we needed to get upstream and get some control on the manufacturing side if we would ever stand a chance of success.

Life happens

A baby boy arrived. Our first. The idea of moving overseas with a new baby just seemed overwhelming. So we struggled on, trying to make it work with the resources we had. Spending heaps of time and money on a process that just wasn’t working.

We almost gave up. Running a fashion label from our home seemed impossible. With the daily challenges of life, how were we supposed to make any progress. Who could we turn to for help?

be the change

Aha! The light bulb moment came when we understood that literally everyone struggled with the same challenges in the beginning. We decided to set out to create a resource that would solve this problem for thousands of small businesses just like ours. Our swimwear label died that day, and Prototype was born.

what's past is prologue

Today, we’re fortunate enough to have a wonderful team of hardworking professionals that allows us to tackle development and production challenges for clients around the world. We strive every day to improve our systems and to provide the types of valuable services to our clients that were never available to us. We want nothing more than to see our clients succeed.

let's dream together

As designers, our first love is the creative process. We love working with the wide variety of people and projects that this business brings us. From hats to shoes and everything in between, we never know from one day to the next what type of design challenge we’ll be presented with. Prototype today is the result of 6 years of problem solving on behalf of our projects and our clients’. Our system has been built from the ground up to solve the very specific set of challenges that every label faces when developing a line and manufacturing overseas.

Dreams are like doors. When one closes, another opens. So keep trying the doors. You never know where one might lead. I hope we can open one for you!

All the best,

Richard Gregory
Founder // CEO