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Radio Prototype is a curated weekly playlist of music that inspires us. Let the music fuel your creative work! Then, share it with the world!

Hiphop might have been born in the USA, but it hasn’t stayed there. Since the 1980s, hiphop has spread around the world and has both influenced, and been influenced by, every culture it reaches. If you’re only listening to Top 40 American hip-hop, you’re missing out! There are interesting flavors flourishing everywhere.

This week we dedicate our playlist to some really cool European hiphop you’ve probably never heard beforeā€¦ but should! Listen in, and let us know your thoughts in the comments!

About the author 

Richard Gregory

Hi, I'm Richard, the founder and CEO of Prototype Global. More than anything else in this life, I love to help other people achieve their dreams. Working at Prototype offers me an amazing chance to positively impact so many people and brands. I hope you'll be one of them! ?

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