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Image of People Creating a Capsule Collection for Those Going Through Weight Changes

In the last decade, brands have noticed a shift in consumer behavior. Socially-conscious consumers have started paying more attention to whether companies take steps toward inclusivity and diversity. In fact, 2 out of 3 contemporary consumers state that they are more likely to purchase from a brand that embodies these values. This is especially true for the fashion industry, as many designer companies are starting to adapt and embrace all body types.

Public awareness regarding the nuanced nature of weight and body shape is notably on the rise, and it is influencing the decisions behind clothing. Having a fuller figure from excess weight is no longer considered a fault of insufficient exercise and diet. Instead, it’s acknowledged as a medical condition affected by many factors, such as genetics and stress. Weight fluctuations are also perfectly normal according to the set point weight theory. This posits that your body is conditioned to stay at a certain weight, so when it shifts, your brain will send appetite triggers that may influence how much you eat. Fortunately, it’s possible to lower your set point weight through disciplined eating habits and practices. All this just goes to show that there is more mainstream acceptance and understanding of body diversity.

Considering that this is something experienced by millions worldwide, having the support of compassionate brands through size-inclusive clothing can make the process easier and healthier. If you have a clothing label, here’s how you can create a capsule collection to support people undergoing weight changes.

Design comfortable yet stylish clothing

The recent popularity of athleisure and loungewear opened up a new market in fashion by putting non-restrictive clothing at the forefront. It created a trend in which prioritizing comfort can still be seen as stylish. We can also see this demand for functional fashion in different areas, such as underwear made to be comfortable. It highlighted how style doesn’t have to be one-dimensional and that comfort can still be fashion–forward. Maximizing comfort in a size-inclusive collection can also positively impact its wearers. It can boost their self-esteem and make them feel comfortable in their own skin as they won’t feel constrained by clothing. By keeping this in mind, you’ll be able to design a body-positive collection.

Include versatile accessories

Accessories are often used as statement pieces, but they can also help polish a look for those going through weight fluctuations. Providing larger jewelry options is helpful as it is proportionate for plus-size consumers, compared to smaller accessories that can highlight size. Accessories like versatile belts can also help with weight transitions, as they can cinch down larger tops. It’s also a sustainable option as a wardrobe staple, as wearers can use it throughout different weight stages. Offer a variety of accessories in all sizes to help your consumers experiment and find suitable fashion choices.

Create flattering silhouettes

Plus-size clothing has a tendency to be loose, boxy, and unflattering. Many designers only focus on providing bigger sizes without putting much thought into how they look. This creates a limited fashion selection for those who experience weight gain. As a responsible, inclusive designer, you can inspire confidence by creating flattering silhouettes in bigger garments. This means creating clothing that highlights people’s curves, no matter their size. This way, they don’t look like they’re lost in fabric. Instead, they’ll be able to show off their shape and create a diverse wardrobe. Pieces like wrap dresses, for instance, are a good starting point as they can easily hug different figures through various weight stages.

Release empowering marketing

A brand’s values are often reflected in its marketing and promotional materials. When creating an inclusive collection, this should be showcased in your messaging as well. You can accomplish this by hiring a diverse team of models with different body shapes and sizes to show off your clothes and boost engagement. This creates relatability in which your target audiences can see themselves and their body type on screen wearing the clothes that you designed. It can also encourage them to support your brand and allow you to create more options for them.

Going through weight changes can be stressful for many people, but it can be easier with the help of understanding brands. Follow the tips above to create a collection that could empower its wearers regardless of size.

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