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Satin Lingerie Sets by Simply Luxurious Lingerie
Satin Lingerie, Satin Bra, Satin Panties from Simply Luxurious Lingerie
Satin Lingerie Sets by Simply Luxurious Lingerie

Where’s all the Satin Lingerie?

Look around in your favorite lingerie shop and count the number of satin bras & panties they offer. Not many, right? Satin was such a big deal in the 90s and today it’s rare as hen’s teeth. Why is that? And where can you find them?

We’ve got some answers for you right here!

Victoria’s Secret Second Skin Satin

Most girls got their first taste of satin lingerie from Victoria’s Secret. Second Skin Satin was a huge success and became a staple in many women’s closets. Then… It was discontinued. No big announcements about why, but it appears that it had little to do with demand. Women then, and now, LOVED their 2nd Skin Satin.

So where did it go?

What Happened to Satin?

Honestly, we can’t tell you why satin underwear became so uncommon and what’s keeping it there. But, as designers and manufacturers of lingerie, we do have a pretty good sense of what makes it challenging from our perspective. So, if you’ll allow me to speculate, I think I have a few ideas about what might have happened.

Satin is a Delicate Fabric

The first clue is told by the retail merchandisers and managers:

People LOVE to touch satin. It’s shiny and silky and beautiful. It’s also incredibly delicate. If you handle satin lingerie with rough hands, it picks. Picking is when little bits of the thread pull up and create a blemish on the fabric. Since women of course like to try on lingerie, it makes sense that some of these women will have rough skin or nails or other surfaces that can create blemishes on the fabric.

Retailers often complain that satin is just too hard to maintain in a retail environment because it damages too easily.

Satin is Tricky to Manufacture

If retailers are complaining, then you can imagine how tricky satin lingerie could be to manufacture in an industrial environment

Where to Buy Satin Lingerie

Until recently, search around online and you’d have a hard time finding good quality satin lingerie. Now, however, we’ve got a great resource for you…

Simply Luxurious Lingerie is an American lingerie label that specializes specifically in satin lingerie. They’ve got all the classic shapes you want the most for both everyday wear and special occassions.

We know the love and attention that went into this line of satin bras and panties because — you guessed it — they’re a client of ours! And they spared no expense in bringing you the very best quality, while still maintaining a reasonable price.

SLL wants to empower its customers with practical choices of satin lingerie that also surprise and delight in the bedroom. It’s sexy, it’s exciting and it’s available right now on their website.

Why Buy Satin Underwear?

Satin lingerie is all about Confidence.

The SLL page says it well:

Women’s bodies are fascinating and beautiful. That’s why the whole world spends an inordinate amount of time looking at, focusing on, and discussing women’s bodies. It’s not because we don’t like them, it’s because we love them. We can’t get enough of them!

-From Simply Luxurious Lingerie

Satin is a bright shiny thing that attracts the eye and makes the viewer want to look… and touch. The play of light on the shiny satin surface accentuates curves and — let’s be honest — who doesn’t like curves!?

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