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The First Step in Starting a Fashion Label

Let’s be real. Starting a fashion label is hard work. Most fashion label fail. In fact, most of them fail even before they really get started. Let’s first talk about why, and how you can build a strong fashion brand right from the start!

Failure to Plan

Quite simply, most startups fail because of a catastrophic failure to plan. And when I say plan, I mean even the most basic plans. Financial plans, marketing, budgets, all of it. The vast majority of people out there are so minimally committed to their idea that they don’t even care enough to put into place the most basic of plans. And for that, their business dies.

Rightfully so, if I’m being honest. I mean, if it were that easy, the world would be a very different place. Money and success doesn’t just fall from the sky. Most successful people worked their asses off for what they have and guess what? They had a plan!

If you’ve made it this far into my post, congratulations, you’re already one of very few people who are committed enough to spend 5 minutes on preparing to start their fashion brand. ?

Let’s see how far you get, shall we? ?

Create a Solid Plan for Your Fashion Startup

There’s no one perfect way to plan your business. If there is, I don’t know it. But one thing I do know is that there are literally infinite possibilities for planning. Each and every effort you make builds toward your goal. Whether it’s reading, talking with other business owners, attending seminars, or watching YouTube, all of that stuff is positive IF you’re learning.

But at some point, you’re going to have to formalize your plans. You’re going to have to write them down. You’re going to have to share them with other people. And that, my friend, is going to take a little bit more commitment.

But Not TOO Solid

In business, as in life, everything is in a constant state of change. Almost as deadly as failing to plan is having plans that are not allowed to change. People can be stubborn, especially when it comes to their business ideas. Sometimes when facing irrefutable evidence that they’ve made a mistake, they just cannot bring themselves to admit it and make an adjustment.

It’s like in politics. Politicians nowadays usually take such a hard stance on everything that there is no longer any room for learning. How crazy is that!? Growing and learning are essential elements of building a strong business. If you’re not willing to learn and make adjustments, your business will never survive.

I always tell myself, and anyone else listening… “Never fall in love with your first ideas.” Once you do that, you lose that crucial objectivity that you’re going to need when times get tough.

Starting a fashion label takes a lot of planning, critical thinking and constant reevaluation. It’s a tough job sure, but hey! You love it right!?

Take This Step FIRST to Get Started

I’ve been asked a million times, “What’s the first step I should take when starting a fashion label?” It’s a great question, but has been difficult to answer. So, I built a tool for entrepreneurs who are starting a fashion label. It’s super simple to use, but powerful if used effectively.

The Fashion Startup Checklist is 18 must-follow steps to launch your fashion brand, all packaged into a convenient document that you can use to track your progress and take notes along the way. We use it for every project we do and we recommend it to all of our clients.

Here’s what’s inside:

  • Easy-to-Follow Steps for Starting a Fashion Label
  • Theory Behind Each Step
  • Detailed Instructions to Complete Each Step
  • Resources and Links for Each Step
  • Place to Organize Your Files for Easy Reference

The Most Valuable, Simple Tool… Only $5?!

For $5 you’re probably thinking, “How valuable could it be?” Well, it’s as valuable as you allow it to be. For many people, this small purchase, this tiny step, will be the very first real, tangible progress they make toward starting a fashion label. And, it will save them countless hours of online research.

Even seasoned pros will benefit from this checklist. It serves as a perfect way to keep all your information organized and ready at hand.

So, what are you waiting for? Get this valuable tool and start your fashion label today!

About the author 

Richard Gregory

Hi, I'm Richard, the founder and CEO of Prototype Global. More than anything else in this life, I love to help other people achieve their dreams. Working at Prototype offers me an amazing chance to positively impact so many people and brands. I hope you'll be one of them! ?

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