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Fashion Forward Podcast

by prototype

Fashion Talk, Tips & Insights

Fashion Forward, a new podcast dedicated to helping small fashion businesses succeed in the cutthroat fashion industry. In just a few minutes of your time, you'll learn valuable tips, tricks and insights into the world of fashion design, marketing and manufacturing. 

We'll give you the kind of clear, honest information that's hard to find anywhere else. And, best of all, we give you real, actionable advice that you can use immediately to start and grow your brand. 

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Fashion and Apparel Sourcing

This week host Richard Gregory and Skye Della Santa talk about Apparel Sourcing, including these important topics:

  • Apparel Sourcing Around the World
  • Ethical Sourcing
  • Sourcing in Indonesia
  • Sourcing for Client

For listeners who are planning their own fashion labels, this episode will be valuable in determing where to have your products manufactured.
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Fashion and Apparel Sourcing
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About the Fashion Forward Podcast

The Fashion Forward Podcast from Prototype is a great resource for anyone who is starting or growing a fashion brand. Our goal is to deliver real, unfiltered information that will help you move forward and build confidence. The fashion industry is complicated, and small brands need support and advice in order to be competitive. The Fashion Forward Podcast is one of the most informative fashion podcasts out there. Any listener will come away from the episodes feeling energized and ready to take action. We hope you enjoy our podcast as much as we enjoyed making it for you! Please contact us for interview requests, feedback or questions!


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