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Build Your Activewear Brand with Prototype

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Custom activewear from Prototype gives your brand the competitive advantage to outsell the competition. Your customers are bored with the same old thing they can get everywhere. Give them a new fit and a new look they won’t see anywhere else!

Make Your Brand Stand Out With Custom Activewear

It's hard to find an activewear manufacturer that gives you as many custom active wear options as Prototype. We offer a wide range of styles, but what's more, we offer you the ability to broadly customize our styles to get you the perfect look for your brand. 

Using our White Label activewear collection, you choose your fabric, color, even design your own overall print to really make the design your own. Put your branding anywhere you like and in any technique you like. If that's not enough customization options, try our Private Label service. Private label activewear allows you tweak some of the design and fit options, while still maintaining the quality and control of our white label. If you really want the highest level of custom, try our Black Label service for a fully-custom activewear design process. 

Let nothing limit your creativity!

A Selection of our activewear designs

Why Custom Activewear?

Fitness is big business. The activewear industry is estimated to be valued about $303 billion USD in 2021 and is projected to grow at an annual growth rate of 5.8% per year. Activewear has expanded from its humble roots to include popular segments like active swim, athleisure and many more. Yoga continues to have enduring popularity and custom yoga wear remains a popular segment of the custom active wear market. 

Get your brand in on the trend and enjoy healthy growth when you choose Prototype as your activewear manufacturer. With a wide range of active styles to choose from, you'll have access to best-selling, trending activewear designs at the touch of a button.

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White Label Activewear from Prototype 

Outsells the Competition

The activewear market is huge, but it's dominated by boring and poor quality styles that can't bring your customer the inspiring story they need to get ahead of the competition. Customized activewear from Prototype gives your brand the chance to STAND OUT!

The Prototype Advantage

Private labeling helps you to put your own unique stamp on a product, making it uniquely your own, without the hassle and expense of developing your own fully custom product. However, you have to be careful about where you purchase your goods. Private label products can appear deceiving online. If you've been through the process elsewhere before, then you know how incredibly frustrating the process can be! 

Excellent Customer Service

We'll help guide you to the best result for you and your brand. We've worked with 100s of clients just like you and we know what you need.

Experienced Team

Our team of fashion experts hails from around the globe. All this experience becomes your competitive advantage when working with Prototype.

Unique Products

All of our products are available only right here. We design and develop our products specifically to meet the needs of our discerning clients.