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Prototype has re-imagined the fashion industry. Our products, tools and resources help fashion brands and suppliers better compete in the global fashion marketplace. 

Prototype is committed to a bold new standard in ethical manufacturing and high quality, sustainable production.

Your fashion journey starts here.


Work with Prototype?

If you're in the fashion industry, or you're an entrepreneur looking to get into the fashion industry, then you know how incredibly complex it can be. 

You're dealing with a million different concerns: a global supply chain, building your brand through advertising and marketing, trying to manage the logistics of sales and fulfillment. For an independent fashion brand, sometimes it can be just too much to handle.

Prototype solves this problem by offering solutions to many of your challenges. Wherever you have a gap, we can fill it.

We're a reliable partner that will help your business grow to reach it's maximum potential. We'll give you access to tools and methods that only the biggest brands use. We leverage our global market to give you products and services with high American standards and reasonable import prices.

Selected Clients

selected clients

Brand Spotlight

Discover emerging brands and hear the experiences of their founders in our Brand Spotlight series. 

Here we shine the spotlight on Kolibri, a mens brand making a big splash in the luxury swimwear market. 

“I spent so much time trying to figure out all the logistics of running my fashion brand that I couldn't find the time to do the one thing I needed to do most... Sell!

Prototype filled in my knowledge gaps and put product in my hands so I could finally get control of my business. ”

shandra b.

one-stop fashion services


Integrated Solutions

    Our Black Label product development services offer you the chance to create your own, entirely custom designs. Great for designers and innovators!
    From sampling to enterprise-scale manufacturing, we have your needs covered with our high-quality, ethical manufacturers.
    If you're starting a fashion brand, we offer a wide range of guidance and support for startups.  From branding to training, we've got you covered.
    If you need management and consulting services for your brand, we offer Fractional C-Suite services to help you run your company more effectively.

Meet the


You'll have the collective wisdom of a big team of fashion professionals from around the globe, working hard to ensure that you receive the best quality of product and service available in the industry. We can't take all the pain and risk out of the fashion industry, but we sure as hell try.

Ethical Apparel Manufacturing

Ethical manufacturing produces a product or process that is in balance with the world and produced with the best intentions. There’s a vast complex universe of things to be considered: the ecology affected by the sourcing of the materials, the life cycle, the waste process, and of course the complicated lives and needs of those people who produce the items.  

Certified by Prototype is not an “organic” certification, it’s not “fair trade”, it’s all of them and none of them. It’s what we call a Common Sense Certification. A protocol that is built and maintained with passion and care. 

Learn more about our ethical certification program...

Client Testimonials

I am not a designer by profession, but my first love is garments and sewing. When I came across your website, I read and learned a lot. I had a crash course in fashion manufacturing and loved it! 

Your website served as an educational tool for me while thinking about what to do with my passion/addiction. 

I feel like we will be a good team!

Mae A.

Fashion Entrepreneur

I value all your knowledge in this industry, you have made it so easy to choose between multiple companies. The client team and every part of the company show extreme organization and commitment to every project. 

I am truly thrilled to work with Prototype!

Estefania F.

Fashion Entrepreneur

I liked the informative and helpful info on your process. It helped me as a new person to a fashion business understand what I need to start thinking about. I have not seen this type of detailed info from anyone else. 

I like to really understand what I'm getting myself into and I'm more comfortable with this type of detail specified.

Holly Z.

Fashion Entrepreneur

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