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The Brand Foundry by Prototype is specifically designed to provide designers and entrepreneurs with the tools and resources needed to grow their fashion brands.

Develop your brand strategy and reach new markets with us.

Everything you need to 

Grow Your Fashion Brand

Starting your own fashion brand has never been easier. Not to say it's easy, though. Fashion is not an easy industry to crack into and there's going to be a whole lot of hard work and dedication required of you. But if you're following your dreams and pursuing your passion, you've probably already come to the realization that there's no other option: You HAVE to give it your best shot!

If you're that entrepreneur, then Prototype is right for you. We give you all the tools, knowledge and honest advice that you'll need to be prepared to make your brand a success. We're on the same team. A win for you is a win for us!

Build Your Brand Foundation

Foundational services to design and build a powerful and impactful brand.

Essential Training & Education

Training is key for any fashion brand looking to grow or expand into other markets. 

Build Your Sales & Marketing

Getting the word out and reaching new markets is key to growing any brand. 

#1 Best resource for founders

The Founders Club

If you're just starting out or just thinking about starting a fashion brand, you'll be off to a great start with our free fashion startup checklist. It will give you a quick overview of everything you'll need to do and to keep in mind when you're starting your fashion label. Then, you'll have the great satisfaction of ticking off the list, one by one, until you're earning those first dollars.

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essential services

Brand Building

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Building A Strong Foundation

Branding Services

A strong foundation for your brand creates a base that can be built upon as your brand grows and develops. It allows you to establish a clear identity, create recognizable and memorable visuals, develop a mission statement and values, and set achievable goals that will guide you in the right direction. With a strong foundation, you can create a recognizable brand and stand out from the competition while staying true to your vision.


Courses & Training

Going Global fashion seminar

Going Global: 2023

Intensive Training Seminar

Going Global is a seminar teaching fashion brands and designers prepare themselves to sell to the global market. The seminar will focus on brand strategy, marketing, logistics and building connections with key buyers. Participants will learn how to craft their messaging in order to increase visibility and reach new customers.

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Sales & Marketing

Emerging Designer Showcase

Showcase Your Brand and Meet Buyers

The Emerging Designer Showcase offers brands and designers from emerging markets the unique opportunity to expose their work to a wider, global audience. Held in New York and Los Angeles, selected designers will introduce their collections to American wholesale buyers, influencers and tastemakers.

We are now accepting pre-applications. Please inquire below for more details.

About Prototype

We Build Fashion Brands

Prototype has re-imagined the fashion industry. Our products, tools and resources help fashion brands and suppliers better compete in the global fashion marketplace. 

Prototype is committed to a bold new standard in ethical manufacturing and high quality, sustainable production.

Your fashion journey starts here.