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What is White Label?

White Label designs are products that have already been designed and fully developed by another party, but are available to be branded with your own labels, tags or various other customization options. A common example of a white label design would be if you bought blank tshirts from a shirt supplier then printed your own artwork on the shirt and applied your own tag. To your customer, the product appears to be yours. There is typically nothing that gives away the fact that you did not design or develop the product yourself. 

What are the advantage of a White Label product?

There are 2 main advantages to white labeling a product:

  1. The cost is considerably less than developing your own unique product
  2. It’s a much quicker process to simply apply your own label to a ready product

What are the disadvantages of a White Label product?

The downsides of using a white label design rather than your own are:

  1. You may be in competition with other sellers using the same product with similar customization
  2. Your customization options are much more limited, as compared to fully custom or even private label designs

Prototype’s White Label Product Advantage

The vast majority of white label products being sold around the world today are coming out of the same factories in China. It’s difficult to compete when you’re selling the same thing online that 100s of other retailers are pushing. 

With Prototype, all of our products are available only here. That’s right, ONLY here! Many of our products are developed in-house and the others are original designs hand-picked by our buyers. Our white label designs are unique, fashion-forward designs that will help you sell. We constantly release new drops to stay on top of fast-moving trends and to give your customers something new to look forward to. 

If you see that we’re missing something and would like to request it, feel free! We are constantly adding new White Label designs to our catalog.

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