Your branding & identity design is the first point of contact with your customer. Everything depends on this first interaction being a successful one. Many startups neglect this part of the process either for financial reasons or because they are hoping to rush their product to market. Prototype offers an easy, one-stop solution for clothing & other startups to quickly and efficiently give their brand the attention it deserves. Our talented team of designers will give provide you with what you need right now, plus a solid plan for the future with our comprehensive branding guides.


Prototype allows for both startups and existing companies to outsource their design department, saving time and money on design costs. Some of our clients come to us with nothing but an idea, others with sketches and still others with existing samples. We meet you right where you’re at and we take it from there. With our experienced design team, you can rest easy knowing that your product will be designed with care and a discerning eye. From lingerie, to jewelry, to footwear; we love a challenge and are ready to tackle any project and deliver only the highest quality results.


– Prototyping –

Rushing a product to market is never a good idea. Successful products require time, attention, and a robust revision process to bring them to their full potential. Prototype can take your existing design, or one that we’ve created, and run it through a rigorous testing process to make sure that it looks, functions and costs what it should. We tell our clients, “Never fall in love with your first idea” and we strive to follow that advice ourselves. No matter how good an idea, there is always the opportunity for improvement and only a process of critical analysis will guarantee that you’ve considered every angle and you are ready for market. We create multiple prototypes of every product, experimenting with fit, finish, materials and construction technique, so you can be sure that when we are finished, your product is the best it can be.

– Sample Making –

Once we have an approved prototype, we can produce any number of perfected samples for you to use for marketing, photography, and soliciting quotes from manufacturers. One of the most important things in this industry is to make sure that your samples are the “gold standard” of what you’re looking to produce. Manufactured items are almost always going to fall short of the expectation, so make sure your baseline is high quality to begin with by providing an excellent sample for quotation.

– Material Sourcing –

One of the most difficult challenges when designing a product is the differing availability of materials overseas where your product is likely to be manufactured. We can assist with sourcing any type of fabric, fastener, or raw materials and ensuring that it is available for use in Indonesia and at a fair price.


We meet you where you’re at. If you’re just starting out in the garment industry or are looking to launch a new product line, you’ve no doubt realized that high quality, yet affordable, low-to-no minimum manufacturing is extremely hard to find. We recognized there was a gap in the industry for this service, so we set up a talented sewing team that can meet your small batch manufacturing needs.

When your product is ready for the big time and you outgrow our manufacturing capacity, we can assist you with locating a factory in Indonesia that will meet your needs. No 2 factories are alike and many of them are not equipped to properly meet your needs, even if they readily agree to do the work. You’ll need professional help to locate a factory that is properly equipped and will treat your product with the respect it deserves.

Once you hand off your project to the factory, there’s no real guarantee that they will deliver a product that meets your specifications. If you don’t live near where your production is taking place you will need oversight, somebody to represent your interests and make sure that the quality and the terms of the agreement and being properly met. Our team at Prototype is well positioned to safeguard your interests, keep you posted on the progress and alert you to any potential issues that may occur for the most efficient production process.

After your product is complete, we carefully inspect, then pack before shipping. You can rest assured that the quality has been checked carefully before it reaches you. Other factories often do not have such a rigorous inspection process. Our team at Prototype is available to take delivery of your production order from a 3rd party and perform our own inspection before packing and shipping your order to ensure you only set eyes on perfection.


Meet the awesome team.

Richard Gregory


DesNeiges Gregory

Creative Director

Nuning Indriani

Studio Manager

Rendi Rainando

Art Director


Production Lead


Sample Maker


Sample Maker


Sample Maker

“You guys have been so amazing to deal with and I know I wouldn’t be this happy with any of this would have been so satisfying and relatively easy if you both weren’t at the top of your game!”

“I am very happy with how the swimsuits turned out, and we have heard nothing but good things from everyone who has came across them!!
Thanks so much again!”

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