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Founders Club

$49.00 / month

Run your business the right way when you join the Founders Club by Prototype. Receive monthly market intelligence, consultation, members-only access & more exclusive benefits.

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Run your business the right way by joining the Founders Club from Prototype. Way more than just a club, here you’ll receive exclusive access to trends, analysis, advice, training and PERSONAL attention that will help you grow every single month. Reach sustainable growth by taking advantage of our incredibly well-priced Founders Club.

As a Founders Club Member, you’ll enjoy these exclusive benefits:

  • Monthly Trend & Opportunity Analysis that will help you find new products and sell more online
  • Monthly Website & SEO Performance Report. Not sure how to interpret the report? The next benefit should help with that…
  • 30 minutes of 1-on-1 consultation with our leadership team, discussing subjects such as marketing, SEO, finance, and more.
  • A full membership of Canva Pro, the best software for marketing your brand online
  • A full membership of Unsplash+, unlocking exclusive photo content for your marketing
  • A 5% discount on all of our White Label product catalog
  • Exclusive access to our members-only discussion channels, where you can network with other small brands and ask questions directly to our team
  • Priority sales and support.

A total value of over $215 per month!

What’s The Catch?

Why are we willing to offer so much value for such a low price for this membership? Great question. Quite simply, a successful brand creates a successful customer. If you are well-equipped to sell, and your marketing game is on-point, then chances are you’ll sell more and order more. So we have an incentive to do everything we can to help you be successful in the industry. We’re always trying to improve our products and services to assist our brands and this club is specifically designed to support you as a brand by including some of our most value products and services on a monthly basis.


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