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Whether you’re an old hand at the fashion biz or in the earliest stages of startup, there’s always lots to learn about the fashion industry. Here we’ll give you an overview of our most frequently asked questions. If you have any others, please submit them via the form below. We’ll be happy to answer!

What types of products do you work with?

We mostly work with all types of soft goods: apparel, swimwear, lingerie, bags, leather, decor, etc. If it can be sewn, chances are we can make it!

What do I need to have to get started?

Not much. It’s entirely up to you. We will meet you where you’re at! We just need something to look at: photos, sketches or physical samples. Some more experienced professionals typically come to us with tech pack, but it’s not required. 

What types of fabrics do you work with?

We work with almost any type of fabric. For small orders or samples, we are limited only to what is available in Bali or what we can easily source in Indonesia. For larger orders we can source fabrics from outside Indonesia.

Do we work with Econyl, Carvico Vita, or other eco-friendly fabrics? 

Yes, the same restrictions apply as above.

What is your minimum order quantity? (MOQ) 

It really depends on the item, the client and our working relationship. For our product development clients, we can produce as few as 24 pieces/style/color. For clients who wish only to manufacture with us, we currently have a 50 piece minimum per style per color.

Can you do digital printing on fabrics?

Yes, definitely. Depending on your needs we have a wide variety of printing services available. Sublimation printing on polyester is the least expensive and highest quality option available in small quantities. Direct-to-garment is another good option for small print sizes.

Can you do silk screen printing?

Yes! As a matter of fact, we have our own print division, Prototype Press, that specializes in silk screen and other hand printing techniques. 

What is the lead time on production?

That depends entirely on our work load and the size of the order. However, we try to fulfill all our orders within 4-6 weeks of the start date. Please enquire for a more accurate estimate.

How much does it cost to manufacture an item of clothing?

That’s a really tough question but it gets asked all the time. For that reason, we have created a pricing guide to help you understand our pricing model. Please contact us to request a custom quote.

Is your factory environmentally sustainable? 

We have several measures in place to make our factory one of the most sustainable in our industry. We are currently working toward becoming a ZERO WASTE facility, meaning that we do not produce any by-product from the work that we do. We’re not there yet, but we’re working toward it. It’s complicated, but rewarding.

Is your factory ethical? 

We’re still a small company, all our staff we consider as friends and we have an open work environment. They earn way above average wages for the standard 8am-5pm, 40 hours per week job in a clean, well-lit studio. Our staff seem to love where they work, we have little turnover and we have lunch together every Friday to keep the positive connection with our staff. So, yes, if you were to ask our staff, I think they’ll agree that we’re a great company to work for!

Why are you located in Bali?

The owners, Richard & DesNeiges, first visited Bali around 2004 and fell in love. Over the next few years they planned and plotted to make their move before finally making the permanent move in 2013. Bali is a great place to live and a perfect launch site for sourcing products and manufacturing throughout Indonesia and beyond.

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