Black Label Service

by Team Prototype
Black Label Service

Fashion Product Development Services for VIP Projects

Black Label is our fully custom product development service. If you’re committed to launching a truly unique product, Black Label is the only way to go. Only with Black Label will you be able to take YOUR design all the way from concept to completion, maintaining all rights to your design. 

Some clothing factories will offer to create a custom product for you, but if you read the fine print, they’ll keep the patterns and the rights to recreate your design for other clients. Prototype takes your intellectual property seriously. When you work with Prototype, your rights are guaranteed under the laws of the U.S.A., as detailed in our client service agreement. Our clients rest easy knowing that Prototype offers the maximum in protection. 

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The 5 Step Prototype Process

The traditional way to develop a fashion product involves lots of people and lots of steps. You’d need a designer, a patternmaker, a sample maker, and if all goes well you’d end up searching for a manufacturer. Each link in the chain doesn’t always fit neatly with the next, leading to inaccuracy and inefficiency. Here at Prototype, we provide every link in the supply chain, providing you with a truly “one-stop” resource for fashion product development. 

There are 5 key steps in the product development process. Read about the 5 steps…

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