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Color Analysis

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Designers, Labels and Manufacturers Welcome!

Send us a sample of a color or a piece of clothing that you need analyzed and we'll give you a report specifying the exact color of the item in a variety of standard formats, including the closest Pantone color match. This is particularly useful in the case of a dispute between 2 parties regarding the "sameness" of a color and whether 2 colors are within a tolerable level of difference.

How do we do it? We use a advanced color sensing device called a spectrophotometer to analyze the color. Using the average of 3 samples, we provide you a printed report with the most accurate data available. You can then use this information to reinforce a contract or satisfy a difficult situation.

IMPORTANT: Color sample must have a solid area of color at least 1cm x 1cm to analyze properly. Client will need to ship sample by mail directly to Prototype or bring to one of our locations.

Receive a $5 discount per sample when you buy 6 or more!

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Prototype is owned and led by an experienced team of American designers with over 20 years in the fashion industry. We bring to bear our exacting eye for design and unrelenting pursuit of quality, while leveraging our strategic position in Southeast Asia, to offer our clients a unique blend of American quality at overseas prices.


If you’ve ever worked with an overseas company, you’ve undoubtedly experienced the #1 complaint in the industry: Bad Communication.  Here at Prototype, we’re known as great communicators. We stay in constant communication to ensure that our clients are always up to date on the progress of their project.


In the fashion business, there aren’t very many guarantees. In particular, there’s always the risk that your designs could be ripped off or resold to another party. At Prototype, we offer you the reassurance of a United States Registered Limited Liability Company


Indonesia is home to some of the most capable manufacturing resources in the world. We’re focused on Indonesia because we love working with Indonesian craftspeople and we believe that Indonesian quality is second to none.


We understand that no two clients are alike, but the same wide range of challenges faces every fashion entrepreneur. That’s why we offer a wide range of branding, sourcing, design & manufacturing services to meet a wide range of needs, all conveniently in one place.


Got a project in the works? Prototype can help move your project forward!

  • “You guys have been so amazing to deal with and I know I wouldn’t be this happy with any of this would have been so satisfying and relatively easy if you both weren’t at the top of your game!”

    Stones & Cash

  • “I am very happy with how the swimsuits turned out, and we have heard nothing but good things from everyone who has came across them!!
    Thanks so much again!”

    Opulent Swimwear

  • “I’m so grateful I stumbled upon Prototype on my first trip to Bali, my brand wouldn’t be where it is now if I didn’t have the help of their wonderful & efficient team. They helped me grow from start to finish with their professionalism and innovative approach to design and branding. Pattern making, prototyping, sourcing, swing tags, textile design, graphic design, sustainable practices – they do it all and in a timely manner. I used to work with factories in China and I can’t believe how much better the Prototype team is in EVERY aspect, especially communication, organization, and attention to quality and detail. Love them so much!”