If you are a new or established designer, it’s worth checking the pros and cons of offshore apparel production. As with any practice you can find positive and negative aspects to offshoring. Prototype is a company built to streamline the process. From inception through material sourcing, production, editing, marketing and even shipping, Prototype makes your idea happen at its location in Bali, Indonesia. Here’s a brief synopsis.

Offshore Apparel Production in Bali, Indonesia

Quantity Production

Typically, one has to manage large quantities to make financial sense of offshore apparel production. This has been true of factories in China, Vietnam and India. However, Prototype uses skilled and less expensive labor with the ability to do short runs of apparel products.  While Prototype does handle larger production, it manages and produces small to medium runs in its own Bali facility under the watchful eye of the lead designers and owners.  Prototype can scale up or down its team to accommodate any client while keeping costs down.

Design Editing and Transparency

At any point, Prototype’s design team is available to you to explain where your garment is in the production or design process.  Your input/questions and/or edits will not be lost to a large warehouse where many different items are being made. At Prototype you can count on personal and intimate service at every step.

Transparent and Meticulous Apparel Design Process

Labor and Other Expenses

While it is fair to say that one can save labor costs with offshore production, one has to look at all the factors.  Part of Prototype’s management process is to provide logistic and financial transparency for your product.  This includes labor expense, materials, design fees, and freight. Appropriately Prototype provides financial modeling to show how your production will save money, time and effort versus your home country.

Easy Offshore Apparel Production

Markedly offshore apparel production companies use one large warehouse facility with a limited design team. Prototype prides itself in managing many of its clients within their headquarters but they have also built multiple production channels over the years.  Whether it be a question of material selection (type and cost) or costs related to other design logistics, Prototype has access to multiple facilities throughout Indonesia to make your product come to life.

Ethical Production

Generally many offshore companies take advantage of questionable ethical standards to produce their garments for the sake of the bottom line.  Instead, Prototype takes pride in running a skilled, happy and fairly compensated team. They do this while also keeping your costs low and making the offshore apparel production experience worth your investment.