Quality Assurance:

Once you hand off your project to the factory, there’s no real guarantee that they will deliver a product that meets your specifications, especially while overseas. If you don’t live near where your production is taking place you will need trusted oversight, somebody to represent you and your startup companies interests and make sure that the quality and the terms of the agreement and being properly met. Our team at Prototype Bali is well positioned to safeguard your interests, keep you posted on the progress, and alert you to any potential issues that may occur for the most efficient production process. It’s like having the ultimate group project partner. You tell Prototype Bali exactly what needs to be made, and Prototype Bali makes it happen, and makes it happen well. To ensure your standards are met, Prototype Bali offers four quality assurance services; manufacture scouting, process supervision, quality assurance & verification, packing & shipping.

Manufacture Scouting

Manufacturer scouting takes a very close discerning eye, that only a fellow manufacturer with years of experience can provide. That’s why Prototype Bali offers our years of experience and consulting to find the most qualified facility, and efficient team to meet your needs.  Whether those needs be, mass production, speciality skills like engraving or embroidery, or a reliable button supplier. You can be sure that the manufacturer meets your and Prototype Bali’s expectations.

Process Supervision

There comes a time in every busy entrepreneurs life where duty calls and you’re unable to hover protectively over your sweet baby startup. So you have to leave the process to someone you trust knows and can carry out your vision. And finding that supervisor can be just as hard as leaving your project. We made it easy at Prototype Bali to  with our in-person & online constant contact, photo & video regular product updates, live decision updates with immediate solutions.

Quality Assurance & Verification

The most important step for any apparel company is the final quality check, which requires a strict standard and incredibly close eye for detail. Prototype Bali has several levels of verification and quality assurance assessments to ensure that once the product reaches your front door every detail is exactly what you ordered and has the durability and quality you always expected.

Packing & Shipping

It’s only after Prototype Bali’s rigorous quality assessment, that the final product is ready to pack. At Prototype Bali we understand that shipping can be the  most fragile state of a product which is why we have specialty packing services in house. Prototype Bali exclusively works with shippers that have gained our trust as a safe & protected shipping service.

Included in all of these services, Prototype Bali also offers insurance and quality guarantee services for an added peace of mind.