Concept Design:

First things first, your startup has to have an idea of a product or need you want to fulfill. Prototype Bali allows for startups companies to outsource their design department, saving time and money on design costs. Some of our startup company clients come to us with nothing but an idea, others with sketches and still others with existing samples. At Prototype Bali, we meet you right where you’re at and grow together.. With Prototype Bali’s experienced design team, you can rest easy knowing that your product will be designed with care and a discerning eye. From lingerie, to jewelry, to footwear; we at Prototype Bali love a challenge and are ready to tackle any startup project and deliver only the highest quality results.

Meet where you’re at:

Prototype Bali knows the manufacturing industry isn’t always kind to the go-getters and self-starters  and amateur entrepreneurs due to a learning process. Prototype Bali also knows, that with any revolutionary design ideas there’s gonna be plenty of learning involved. That’s  why Prototype Bali is more than willing to personally sit down and learn together wherever you may be at in the design process.

Prototype Bali has helped companies apparel design from scratch with just an idea to a product problem to solve.  Which makes Prototype Bali an expert designer, inventor, and finding the perfect product solutions. Being approached with diverse phases of product ideas like these gives us the wiggle room and creative freedom to ensure we can design the best product possible, with  no limitations.

There’s always the perfectionist entrepreneur who knows exactly what they want and why. Prototype Bali has worked with several satisfied apparel start ups like this, some often bring in pre-made models, or detailed blueprint plans, but are looking for the quality that separates their product form the rest. Prototype Bali excels at upgrading your product to ensure your apparel design reaches it’s highest potential possible.

When it comes to the variety of our design, Prototype Bali is an expert in an unexpected variety of products. Prototype Bali’s in house designer, personally specializes in lingerie design and women’s swimwear design. The design process for these types of apparel can be especially in depth due to the specialized tools, measurements, and  fabric engineering. Prototype Bali also relies on our designers education to produce other apparel designs such as rain gear, work uniforms, athletic wear, and so many more on a regular basis. So rest assured, Prototype Bali will take care of you and your concept and apparel designs.