Sometimes you need an industry specific expert, and need the trust to go along with it. At Prototype Bali, we can assist you with sourcing a factory or local craftsman in Indonesia that will meet your specific needs. No two factories or creators are alike and many of them are not equipped to properly meet your needs, even if they readily agree to do the work. Prototype Bali provides the professional help to source a factory or craftsman that is properly equipped and will treat your product with the respect it deserves, from beginning to end. Prototype Bali’s sourcing services can range from locating a mass production facility to sourcing details as small as a single latch, your trusted apparel designer, Prototype Bali has  your back.

Engravers & embroidery:

When you start a business it’s imperative that you have a distinguishable identity, and that includes you and your employees. Personalizing your swag and uniforms to match the quality of your product is the most forefront way to show that quality. There are two main ways to personalize products, by engraving wood or metal swag items like coasters, cups, or office supplies, and embroidery on apparel and uniforms.That’s why Prototype Bali offers sourcing for local craftsmen that can engrave or embroidery any logo graphic you need to make sure you and your team can look your company’s best.

Fasteners & little details:

Prototype Bali knows that’s it’s the smaller details that make the big difference.  Sourcing for those small details is imperative for ensuring the whole picture comes together exactly as it’s meant to be. That’s why we have the head designer herself source the finer details of every project to ensure the facility has the capacity and quality to match our standards. Prototype Bali has close relationships with local craftsman in the button, thread, zipper, and elastic industries, so when sourcing you won’t only get the local discount but friends & family discount as well!

Fabrics & printing:

Sometimes life has you in multiple places at the exact same time. And when it comes to  your most precious endeavors, you can’t always be there for the most important parts. Sometimes That’s where Prototype Bali comes in handy, we provide personnel on  hand for all your big sourcing needs. Whether you need sourcing for finding the perfect textured velvet or the print that’s not too busy but not too small either, Prototype Bali has got you!