Creating an apparel brand that’s as good for the environment as it is your closet can be challenge since so many materials and processes outside of an entrepreneurs control can factor in. At Prototype Bali we’ve included silk screen printing to our in-house services to give our clients the tools they need to ensure their fashion brand is environmentally friendly.


A lot of ingredients go into a silk screen product. Materials such as, chemicals in the ink, solvents, and cleaning agents have a huge effect in the beautiful Bali environment, and can be incredibly damaging in the apparel mass production industry. Toxins can be found in both water-based and solvent based silk screen inks, requiring particular attention to more than just the ink base to make an environmentally conscious decision. At Prototype Bali, we exclusively offer silk screen services with water-based toxin free inks.


When it comes to Bali silk screen, waste from just 1 project can build up and build fast. Fortunately at Prototype Bali, we limit our silk screen waste by storing and reusing silk screen stencils to ensure we can reproduce your styles with identical quality and as little waste as possible.


In the Bali silk screen business, the cleaning products are the most dangerous, with stripping toxins and harsh chemicals that deteriorate more than just left over ink. That’s why Prototype Bali only uses all-natural cleaning agents to ensure our environment is as clean as our work.


An eco-friendly production process can be vital for the branding and identity of any apparel company so at Prototype Bali, we focus on environmentally friendly raw materials like inks and stencils to make our silk screen process as high quality for both our clients and mother earth.